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The Remix - Cable TV Show

Nakenterprise Recording Artist Talent Event

Cable Televised Music Shows

Cable Network seeking singer to compete in new Music Show

  • Top 5 singers compete in Each City
  • Winners from All Cities compete to win

Cable Show Seeking Singers. Enter by Submission of 10-12 songs using Nakenterprise Instrumentals (beats) Production .

The producer will listen to submission then choose artist they feel are the best singers.

Artist will be contacted and arrangement made to enter show in selected location from which top 5 will be selected

  • submissions does not have to be studio recorded, mixed or mastered
  • must have 20 or more artist reference

Artist Selection Process

  • Amount of References from other artist - 25%
  • Public Voting - 25%
  • Labels Producers - 50%

Nakenterprise Submission Instrumentals (Beats) Link's

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Artist Not Selected for TV show

Record Label Talent Event

  • Artist not selected for show will have chance to complete production in Artist event and possible a shot at a record deal
  • Detials

      Production deal
      • Free studio time, music production & music promotion

      Artist with good image, sound, creativity, attitude & good talent. Production is provided for use in original music submission.
      The label will invest by covering cost (studio time - production -promotion ) of accepted submissions.
      In some cases music video to accompany production may be included in the production deal investment

      Record deal

      Depending on market result - the label may choose to complete album with artist and/or sign new artist


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      Nakenterprise Submission Instrumentals (Beats) Link's

      itunes google spotify amazon